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Our Story

A lifestyle brand like no other

Cassandra Ariadne, the home of curated living and lifestyle. A unique and distinctive edit of future collectables and aspirational pieces, from exquisite notebooks to one-of-a-kind t-shirts, that singularly define the vision, philosophy, and aesthetic of Constandia, the creative force behind the brand.

Constandia has been curating for much of her adult life. Renowned for her elegance, style, and impeccable taste.

As a magazine editor, her style aesthetic was crucial in shaping the production of the publications she was responsible for. For almost a decade now, as the director of a PR agency, she curates campaigns, events, and people. Embodying the values, interests, and attitudes of the Cal Creative Communication creed.

Cal Creative Communication is a foremost deluxe boutique PR agency, that is found in the heart of a beautiful island in the midst of the Mediterranean. You will find Constandia at its helm, navigating its very stylish way forward.

The love affair between Team Cal and all things beautiful, art, fashion, music, interiors, and travel, became so all-encompassing that it enticed Constandia to share her aesthetic and create Cassandra Ariadne The Brand, named after her beautiful daughter.

Cassandra, the daughter of Kings, originally desired by Apollo, is now the epitome of all things desired. Ariadne, also of royal blood, became immortal after leading Theseus through the labyrinth. Together they symbolize the true essence of our brand: Desire and Leadership. We guide those that are looking for the ultimate aesthetic, an elite alluring design ethic that will lead you to a haven desired by all.

Cassandra Ariadne The Brand, designed in Cyprus and made in Italy and Greece, was launched on 15th May 2022. A date specifically chosen for its emotional significance to our founder.


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